The Top 15 Most Reliable Resources for IT Training

Choice of IT training resources matters a great deal, especially when one is preparing for a critical certification. There are many important factors to be looked at, but the most critical of those is arguably the reliability consideration. This is to say that people who want to become certified IT professionals need to select and consistently use reliable IT training resources. The IT training market has many players though, and for that reason, it can be hard to clearly identify the most reliable resources for training. To help you deal with that dilemma, we have taken the trouble to identify the top 15 most reliable resources for IT training. With respect to each of these resources, we will also state the reason why it is highly regarded in terms of reliability.

The top 15 most reliable resources for IT training include:


Many people regard the Cisco website as the most reliable IT training resource in the area of networking. This is simply because when most organizations are looking for networking professionals to employ, they tend to explicitly state that they want professionals with Cisco certifications.


The Microsoft website is included in virtually every list of the most reliable IT training resources, because the information it hosts is very extensive and intensive. This makes it possible for people to pass Microsoft certification exams after simply making use of the Microsoft knowledgebase resources.


Testking website gets its slot in this list of the most reliable resources for IT training because it is created with an objective to exponentially increase users' success rates. It is a resource where one can, for instance, review their progress in IT certification preparations, by way of attempting (the numerous) trial tests for ethical hacking, phr certification, cissp certification.


When one embarks on the search for reliable IT training resources that delve into the area of e-commerce security, the EC-Council website is viewed as the best place to end the search. A lot of painstaking effort is put, on a day to day, hour by hour basis, into keeping the resources in the EC-council website fully updated. Thus, whichever e-commerce security certification one is studying for, the EC-Council website remains as the most reliable resource.

The Open Group

The reliability of the Open Group portal as an IT training resource is due to the fact that it is maintained by a community of people who are really passionate about IT training. Thus, this is one of the most progressive training resources.

Actual Tests

Actual Tests website is highly interactive in nature, with lots of exam technique guidance and exam practice resources. In the circles of people who really know what is essential for IT certification exam success, it is hard to hear a discussion on reliable resources where Actual Tests is not given a mention.


The numerous IT training materials on the VMware website are created by folks who really know their stuff real experts. People who prepare for VMware's virtualization exams by utilizing these resources acquire real skills, on top of almost assured success in the VMware certification exams. Thus, VMware is a reliable resource for IT training.

Magento Commerce

The IT training resources on the Magento website are crafted to enable the people using them to know how they can perform all the common tasks on the Magento e-commerce platform. Now the real test of whether an IT professional is properly trained is in whether he or she can perform common tasks easily. To the extent that the Magento website has resources to help trainees perform common tasks easily, it is reliable.

C++ Institute

Many of the contributors to the C++ Institute are the folks who are involved in formulation of C and C++ programming standards. This makes the training resources they formulate and avail at the C++ Institute's website highly reliable.


The Juniper Networks website is one of those in which the IT training bit is done by the people who are involved in research and development work by Juniper Networks. This makes the Juniper Network a reliable IT training resource, because pretty much everything in it is highly accurate.


To tell whether a given IT training resource is really reliable or not, you just need to ask one simple question: what are the chances of me passing my exam, if I use this resource? The answer to that question, with respect to the Certkiller website, is that with Certkiller' help, you have an above 99% guarantee of passing an IT certification exam. For that reason, one has to mention the Certkiller website as a reliable resource for IT training.


With help from the training resources availed on the HP website, you learn how to solve the most challenging problems pertaining to HP computing systems. On this account, the HP website is a reliable resource for IT training.


One piece of evidence to prove that Pass4Sure is a reliable resource for IT training is its numerous positive user-generated reviews on various independent platforms. Another piece of evidence to prove that Pass4Sure is a reliable resource for IT training is the endorsement it enjoys from many IT certification trainers.


The materials for training purposes that are posted on the Citrix website are structured in such a way that the people who study using them get to internalize and remember most of the concepts. For that reason, the Citrix website is a highly reliable resource for IT training.


A critical look at the IT training materials available through the EMC website reveals that these materials are crafted using the best practices in modern IT training. Thus, the EMC website is an absolutely reliable resource for IT training, because the skills transfer in it is very effective.

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