Best in 2015: 16 Most Popular Vendors for IT Training

In the year 2015, some 16 companies that are involved in IT training have turned out to be the most popular. Some of these are in the category of vendors who offer IT training leading to certifications that they developed. Others are in the category of vendors who offer third party IT training and exam practice, as services to people who are preparing for various IT exams. The vendors in the latter category don't offer any certifications themselves, but they prepare people for certifications offered by various other bodies. For a variety of reasons, the 16 vendors we are just about to look have turned out to be the most popular in the year 2015.

The most popular vendors for IT training in the year 2015 include:


This has turned out to be a popular IT training services vendor for people who are getting ready for various pre-certification SAP exams. The popularity is mainly attributable to the trend in the labor market, where we are seeing some employers stating that they only want candidates who can work on the SAP platform.


Zend has become a popular IT training vendor due mainly to the growing popularity of mobile and web apps that are coded using PHP. Thus, people are flocking to Zend motivated by the fact that their prospects will be good, once they get Zend's PHP app development credentials.


Many companies that use HP computers nowadays don't carry out in-house training for IT support staff. Rather, they prefer to hire IT support staff who already have HP certifications, and who are therefore ready to hit the ground running hence the popularity of HP certification training.


Certkiller has proved to be a very popular IT training vendor, especially for people who, having read the requisite study notes for a given certification, want to know whether or not they are ready for the exam. For such people, Certkiller offers timed, simulated tests (on a test engine) through which they can see for themselves whether or not their preparations for various exams have been good enough.


Exin has grown to be one of the popular IT training vendors, especially for people seeking employment in the typically critical economic and social sectors where Exin systems are commonly deployed. This is after such people come to realize that having undergone Exin training, and obtained Exin certifications, they are likely to get lucrative positions.


Cisco is one of the older and still popular networking platforms, and the pre-certification training on the Cisco website has grown in popularity in the year 2015. This is largely due to the understanding that the reputation of Cisco certifications (which one gets after undergoing such training), is still in solid.


Novell is yet another popular training vendor for people who are interested in computer networking. The popularity of the IT training from Novell is largely as a result of its modular structure and the respect commanded by the certifications resulting from such training.


The number of IT certification exam candidates who use Test King has risen in the year 2015, thanks in part to the many positive reviews that Testking has been getting. These are testimonials from people who say that they would almost certainly have flunked their IT certification exams: itil foundation exam, ccna security, pmp course had it not been for the Test-King examination practice resources. Such reviews spur more and more people to use Test-King, hence its popularity in 2015.


Oracle has, in the year 2015, retained its position in the list of the most popular IT training vendors. This is due to the fact that well-certified Oracle database professionals have continued being amongst the most-valued, best-paid, professionals in the whole IT industry.


The popularity trend for Linux Professionals Institute as an IT training vendor that started a few years ago has continued in the year 2015. The problems facing several other competing operating systems are pushing organizations into Linux's hands, creating lots of demand for Linux certification holders.


Symantec has considerably grown in popularity as an IT training vendor, as the adoption and corporate usage levels of Symantec's systems rises. That has in turn meant that people with Symantec certifications keep on getting career advancement opportunities, hence the popularity of Symantec IT training.


People who simply can't afford to fail and have to retake IT certification exams are increasingly turning to the Pass4Sure website. People who subscribe to Pass4Sure IT training are very unlikely to fail and have to retake IT certification exams: what with the numerous exam practice and guidance chances. For this reason, Pass4Sure has earned as slot in the list of the most popular vendors for IT training in 2015.


Hitachi's entry into the list of the most popular IT training vendors in the year 2015 was not entirely unexpected: what with the increase in the number of recruiters who want people with Hitachi certifications? Thus, Hitachi has developed into a popular IT training vendor for people who want to equip themselves with the skills recruiters want.

Actual Tests

The Actual Tests company has steadily found its way into the category of the most popular IT training vendors for the 2015. It has been particularly popular with IT certification candidates who want to use the practice tests loaded onto Actual Tests test engine to identify the areas where they need to focus their revision efforts.


2015 is not the first year that Microsoft is being mentioned amongst the most popular vendors for IT training. It has always been popular, mainly thanks to the fact that its certifications are widely viewed as the Information Technology industry standards.


Adobe has over the years been seen as a critical IT training vendor, especially given the fact that its certifications are the only universally identifiable certifications in certain niches. The easy marketability of the various Adobe certifications has seen Adobe get cited amongst the top IT training vendors for the year 2015.

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